The andre’ Journey

Founded as an installation furniture company in the ’80s, andre’ has evolved into a frontrunner in sustainable street furniture for public spaces. Our journey is marked by unwavering dedication, manifested in the creation of the most sustainable street furniture available.

At andre’, we prioritize easy assembly and honest materials in our designs, keeping the daily lives of citizens and the planet in mind. Our products, crafted from renewable materials like recycled plastic and aluminum, reduce environmental impact.

We aim to provide functional, durable, and eco-friendly solutions for public spaces while championing a greener future. andre’ is committed to weaving sustainability into the fabric of our communities, harmonizing urban centers and serene spaces with the environment we hold dear.

Our mission

At andre’, we fuse sustainability, functionality, and charm into innovative street furniture collections that spark urban transformation.

With a touch of andre’ magic, we craft robust yet inviting pieces that redefine public spaces. From the R2’s futuristic waste management to the U Collection’s warm embrace, and the Wally wayfinding’s smart guidance, each creation echoes our commitment to eco-consciousness, timeless design, and the art of making cityscapes thrive.

Rooted in recycled materials and visionary aesthetics, we reimagine everyday landscapes, where andre’s creations stand not just as furniture, but as catalysts for greener, smarter, and more enchanting urban realms.

andre’ Street Furniture is
where the urban landscape
meets eco-intelligent design.

Scaling the Value Hill for Sustainability

At andre’, sustainability is not just a goal—it’s deeply ingrained in our DNA. Our commitment to a circular economy is epitomized by the innovative Value Hill Business Model.

This model visualizes a product’s journey, ascending in value from manufacturing to consumer use. However, what truly sets us apart is our dedication to maintaining this value even after the product’s primary use. Through strategies like Repair, Recycle, and Reimagine, we ensure our products remain at the peak of the Value Hill, contributing to a sustainable future for public spaces.

Join us in this upward journey towards a circular economy. Explore how we’re revolutionizing the product lifecycle, prioritizing quality over quantity, and preserving value well beyond a product’s typical lifespan. Delve into andre’s comprehensive sustainability program.