Elevating urban landscapes with the most sustainable street furniture on the market

The journey of andre’ began in the 1980s as a humble installation furniture company, founded on the unbreakable bond between a father and son.

Over the years, fueled by an exceptional team, our brand has flourished, emerging as a leader in crafting the most sustainable street furniture available today.

Rooted in the essence of craftsmanship, andre’ is dedicated to revitalizing the concept of effortless assembly and installation using ethical materials.

Our street furniture is meticulously designed with a dual focus on enhancing citizens’ daily experiences and nurturing our precious planet. andre’ steet furniture is designed to extend product life.

We’re in the business of turning concrete jungles into eco-chic sanctuaries, one stylish street furniture piece at a time.

andre’ doesn’t just produce,
we create a vibrant ECOnscious
urban lifestyle – one street at a time.