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andre’s Galactic Shift
to Eco-Smart Urban Living

Introducing the R2, andre’s visionary litter bin that redefines waste management. Seamlessly fusing functionality and aesthetics, the R2 is a customizable masterpiece, available in sizes 50l, 70l and 90l and options that transform public spaces.

Benches and tables

Discover our Tables & Benches
Strong & welcoming, embracing sustainability

Meet Brutus for seating, Torben for dining, and Buddy for picnics—distinct forms, one sustainable essence, marrying recycled plastic stability with bamboo elegance. Explore andre’s family of eco-friendly furniture, uniting style, comfort, and a green conscience.


andre’ shows the Way:
Navigate with Style.

Introducing the innovative Wally wayfinding signage – the ‘WOW’ factor in guiding you towards seamless navigation. In the bustling tapestry of urban landscapes, the Wally fingerpost signs stand as your reliable companions, ready to point you in the right direction. Crafted under the umbrella of andre’, this collection of wayfinding signage is designed with an astute blend of functionality and aesthetic harmony.