Torben the base of an inviting outdoor ensemble

Embrace the outdoors with Torben, an embodiment of sustainable elegance in the realm of street furniture. Its foundation, forged from 100% recycled household plastic, speaks volumes about durability and environmental responsibility. Atop this robust base lies a bamboo slatted top, a nod to both style and sustainability. As you enjoy the open air seated at Torben, you’re not only experiencing the beauty of nature but also sitting with a conscience, knowing that every element is carefully chosen for its eco-friendliness.

In perfect harmony with andre’s commitment to sustainability, Torben beautifully complements Brutus benches, forming an inviting outdoor ensemble. Whether you choose the benches with or without a backrest, the blend of recycled plastic and bamboo creates a seamless, eco-conscious statement for any outdoor space. With Torben, the embrace of nature is now coupled with the embrace of responsible living.


Join the sustainability movement with Torben, our eco-friendly outdoor table crafted with a base made from recycled household plastic—a testament to responsible living. Relax in nature or the city, knowing you’re seated at a table where yesterday’s plastic bottles find new purpose and tomorrow’s contribute to a more sustainable world.

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Torben – Torben Table

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