R2 – 70l

The Stylish Mid-Size Waste Solution for public spaces.

DESIGN: Gentle & More

The design or look-n-feel of the R2 is subtlyincorporated in the name (if you know, you know).

The R2 – 70l, an integral part of andre’, offers a mid-sized waste management solution for public spaces with a generous capacity of 70 litres. Retaining the distinctive design philosophy of Gentle & More, the R2 series seamlessly integrates functionality with aesthetics. As a completely customizable waste bin, the R2 – 70l provides a visually appealing and efficient solution for waste management.

Crafted with sustainable innovation, the R2 – 70l boasts recycled and recyclable materials, from its top cover of repurposed plastics to its cast aluminum housing made with recycled content. Standard features include anti-sticking lines, and the panels are coated with high-quality UV and weather-resistant powder coating or anodized, ensuring durability in various environments.

Choose the R2 – 70l for a stylish and sustainable waste management solution. If your space demands different volumes, explore the R2 series, available in 50 litres and 90 litres options.


The R2 is made of recycled materials and is 100% recyclable.

The top cover is made from recycled plastics.
The housing is made of cast aluminium (extrusion) panels consisting of +90% recycled aluminium.

Standard equipped with anti-sticking lines. The panels are coated with high-quality UV and weather-resistant powder coating or anodised.

Recycled Plastics


You can personalize the R2 with a logo and several different insertion options such as:

  • stainless steel ashtray
  • a can insert plate
  • intermediate strip
  • shut-off valve

You can have an insert opening on 1 side or 2 sides (front and rear waste bin).

Other options are a fill-level sensor or an indicator to be collected.

The insert opening can always be adjusted afterwards.

Apart from the insertion options you can also choose between an R2 with or without bag holder or inner bin.



R2 - 70l

R2 with 70l waste volume.
R2-70L front view
R2-70L side view

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