Robust but inviting to bring us closer together

Meet Brutus, the epitome of sustainable comfort in the realm of outdoor seating. Whether you prefer the classic embrace of a backrest or the freedom of an open design, Brutus offers a distinctive seating experience for your relaxation.

Its design, driven by sustainability, boasts a robust base made entirely from recycled household plastic, embodying the essence of conscious living. Pair it with Torben for a complete outdoor experience that harmonizes comfort, style, and a commitment to a better planet.


Brutus (and Torben) embody sustainability through their base made of 100% recycled household plastic (PMD), repurposing waste into refined design. Complementing this eco-conscious foundation is the bamboo top, blending elegance with environmental responsibility. Bamboo, a rapidly renewable resource, emphasizes our commitment to mindful material sourcing.

Recycled Plastics



Brutus – Brutus with backrest

Bench with backrest.


Brutus – Brutus without backrest /​ short slats

Bench without backrest in short slats.


Brutus – Brutus without backrest / flat slats

Bench without backrest in flat slats.

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