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Wally Wayfinding Signage — Ready to point us in the right direction

In the bustling urban tapestry, andre’ proudly presents the Wally Collection, featuring the innovative Wally Wayfinding Signage. These signs are your steadfast allies, ready to guide you seamlessly through the urban maze. Designed to effortlessly integrate into any streetscape, the Wally pennants offer a sleek and unobtrusive solution to urban navigation.

What sets the Wally apart is its modular versatility – you can position them in any direction, expanding or changing them with ease, all without visible fixings. Sustainability is at the core of the Wally, as it’s crafted entirely from recycled and sustainable materials. Recycled aluminum, a blend of diecast and extruded aluminum, forms the pennants, while the steel pole features galvanization for durability.

Personalization options abound – from colorful arrows and letters to layouts, symbols, walking distance indicators, and more. The top cap can be customized to distinguish different zones within a city. Standard at 800mm in length, the pennant can be tailored to shorter specifications.

Installation is flexible, with options for permanent concreting, ground-level mounting, below-ground placement, or even a removable base. Discover the Wally Wayfinding Signage and experience urban navigation with effortless precision.


The Wally is made entirely from sustainable and recycled materials.

The pennants are made from recycled aluminium which is a composite of diecast aluminium and extruded aluminium.

It has a steel pole with galvanization.

The whole ensemble is finished with powder coating in a standard RAL colour of your choice.



You can personalize the Wally in many different ways such as
  • arrows in different colours
  • letters in different colours
  • layout
  • symbols
  • walking distance
  • walking time
  • type of arrow

The top cap can be in a different colour (for example, to indicate that zone of a city).

The length of the pennant is standard 800mm, but can also be shorter.


As standard, the pile is permanently concreted (placed), on-site, but can also be provided with a base plate for ground-level mounting, for mounting below ground level, or can be placed in a removable base.


Wally – Pennant

Wally Wayfinding Signage
Wally Wayfinding Signage - front view
Wally Wayfinding Signage - side view

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